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Here is the list of support David Bannerman raised to split the opposition vote for Nigel Farage in the leadership rip off of 2006, when due to his cupidity David Bannerman almost blew it.

It was David Bannerman's job to split the vote likely to accrue to Richard Suchorzewski & David Noakes -= two genuine candidates for leadership. Bannerman however due to his ineptitude was suckered by Richard Suckorzewski at the Derby meeting into showing off by correcting Richard Suckorzewski when to plan he claimed that Ashford's contribution to Party Funds was less than 10% of its income.

Bannerman could not resist the opportunity of correcting Suckorzewski as we had expected and leapt to his feet as Chairman  to show he knew more and proudly announced that the amount that was received was nearer 15%. So there we have it over 85% of the money raised at Ashford - described by Farage as UKIP's most successfull venture ever reached the party according to The Party Chairman at the time!

Whose pocket did the rest of the money end up in?

Despite this foot in mouth by the utterly inept David Bannerman he was still rewarded by Farage for his efforts and made Deputy Leader!

Here is the list for 2006 do compare it with 2010!

Gerard Batten, MEP (UKIP, London),

Hugh Williams (Devon south-west),

Bill Budge (North Cornwall),
Mary Budge (North Cornwall), Heather White (North Cornwall),
Peter Douglas Mullery (North Cornwall),
Rupert Powell (North Cornwall),
Michael James Carter (Falmouth & Camborne),
Elizabeth Winkfield (Torridge & West Devon branch - Poll Tax Martyr),
David Johnson (Torridge & West Devon),
Rollo Reid (Christchurch),
Rear Admiral Richard Heaslip – South West – Christchurch, Mike Eckel (Christchurch),
Lorna Jean Heaslip (Christchurch),
George Tarker Stride (Bognor Regis & Littlehampton),
Sheilagh Rose (Bognor Regis & Littlehampton),
Kenneth M. Wells (Bognor Regis & Littlehampton),
David John Davies (Bognor Regis & Littlehampton),
Michael Pirkis (Arundel & South Downs),
Dorothy Pirkis (Arundel & South Downs),
Lynnda Robson (Croydon, Regional Organiser London),
Peter Morgan (Croydon branch),
John Tyndall (Croydon branch),
John Bailey (Croydon branch),
Stuart Gulleford (Brentwood & Ongar),
Margaret Thorpe (Brentwood & Ongar),
Derek William Camp (Brentwood & Ongar),
Yvonne Maguire (Brentwood & Ongar),
J. C. Pryce (Halan & East Chelmsfield branch),
Nikki Sinclaire (Sutton Coldfield - Regional Organiser West Midlands),
Mark Natrass (Sutton Coldfield),
Derek Bennett (Walsall & Wolverhampton),
Bimla Ban (Birmingham),
Rachel Jane Oxley (Liverpool Branch),
Lisa Duffy (North Manchester & Salford - Chairman NW County Committee),
Peter Reeve (North Manchester & Salford),
Ronald Beaman (North Manchester & Salford),
Philip Smith (Wigan), Catherine Andrea Ritchie (North Manchester & Salford),
Hilary Jane Jones (Birkenhead, Wallasey & Wirral - Former Conservative Mayor of Wirral),
Henry Frederick Crocker (Birkenhead, Wallasey & Wirral),
Michael Walter Sydney Pepler (Birkenhead, Wallasey & Wirral),
Lynda Williams (Birkenhead, Wallasey & Wirral),
Paul Nuttal (Bootle),
Pat Gaskell (Bootle),
Joseph Nugent (Bootle Branch),
Andrew Dobson (Bootle Branch),
Cyril Wakefield (Boston & Skegness),
Audrey Wakefield (Boston & Skegness),
Peter Thomas Neilson (Scotland - Chairman, Scotland),
Helen Margaret Hay (Scotland),
Charles M. Stewart (Scotland).
Supporters: Delroy Young (East Midlands and NEC member),
Lady Shirley Moran (Wales),
Paul Tate (Swansea),
Bruce Robertson (Trago Mills),
Barry Grundon (North Cornwall),
Jane Rosemary Toplis (North Cornwall),
Alwyn Riley (North Cornwall),
Marcus John Taylor (St. Helens),
Simon Andrew Hairswape (St. Helens),
Norman Dawson (St. Helens),
Mrs N. Dawson (St. Helens),
Jacqueline Francis (Christchurch, Dorset,
Pearl A. Wells (Bognor Regis & Littlehampton),
Teresa W. H. Davies (Bognor Regis & Littlehampton),
Carole Gregory (Croydon),
James Felsemberger (Croydon),
Susan Camp (Brentwood and Ongar),
Janette Gulleford (Brentwood & Ongar),
Lyn Afshar (Sutton Coldfield),
Margaret Beaman (North Manchester),
William Michael Magee (Birkenhead, Wallasey & Wirral),
Euphemia Ann Crocker (Birkenhead, Wallasey & Wirral),
Philip Griffiths (Birkenhead, Wallasey & Wirral),
May Barton (Bootle),
Philip Wordley (Bootle),
Stephen John Withers (Scotland),
Nicholas Watson (Scotland),
Robert Willescroft

Most notable supporters of Bannerman could get within the party last time back in 2006 include Delroy Young, Lisa Duffy & Peter Reeve, Paul Nuttal and Nikki Sinclaire.

The only one, probably to his embarrassment, who has stuck with him is Peter Reeve it seems & of course Hugh Williams who is clearly self seeking and to be trusted as far as he can be kicked being a proven cheat and liar who so betrayed his own branch they threw him out!

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