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Bannerman's - LEADERSHIP ADDRESS - 27-Sep-2010

Dear Colleagues,
The Choice at this Leadership Election is one between seizing our wonderful opportunities, moving
forward professionally, becoming a fully =ledged political party with a full set of policies and
succeeding in our objective of leaving the EU OR slipping backwards into our single issue comfort
zone and old ways - and failing.
What the party earnestly needs now is stable Leadership – a safe pair of hands. The media are already
mocking us for having 4 Leaders in one year (Farage/Pearson/Interim/New).We cannot afford another
resignation within a year owing to personal considerations or a lack of understanding of party politics.
Our party will become a joke. The next Leadermust be up to the task of a full, 4 year term.
I stand on the basis of professionalising the party and introducing a new style of meritocratic,
team leadership. This means bringing in professional skills and using the amazing talent base we
have in this party, as I did with the policy groups ( it doesn’t mean hiring a load of fully paid
professionals to bankrupt us ). It means working as one team, not a one man band. It means
believing in policies, bothering to read the manifesto and growing UKIP into a party that =ights
all elections, with proper training and support for you as candidates. I support a full ‘shadow
cabinet’ of policy spokesmen too (see below).
I have huge respect for Nigel: his oratory, courage, media performances and good company. I would
ask Nigel to remain as the ‘face of the party’, and as Leader in Europe, whilst I lead as Party Leader.
We would retain Nigel’s strengths, whilst using my strengths as a strategist, policy expert and
To do this, I will pull back from my commitments in Brussels and concentrate fully on the UK. I
pledge to spend on average three quarters of my time in the UK. My team will also be UK based.
What I believe I can offer you is the right Vision, Experience and Team to deliver this:
I want to have 20 elected UKIP MPs under AV+ (the Alternative Vote Plus voting system) - I am
already undertaking a lobbying campaign to help deliver this aim. 30 elected UKIP Peers too under
new plans for an elected House of Lords (10% of 300 seats) and being the largest UK party in the
European Parliament next time (2014). This needs planning and resources now, and use of the
substantial contacts I have in politics.
• I want to lay out a Positive Vision of a free, independent Britain, using an apolitical approach
and bringing in key Higures including top politicians, experts, academics and journalists. This I
would lead from the front, in cooperation with similar groups.
• I want to make the party more democratic and listen to the membership, not override their
wishes. I oppose rushing into a new pan-European Party before we have a chance to
understand its implications – we must properly consult with you members Hirst. I believe it could
be a step too far.
Party Chairman 2005-06 / Deputy Leader 2006 to date
• Head of Policy 2006 to date: Put together all the 17 policy groups, oversaw all policy papers,
and wrote the 2010 manifesto and mini manifesto, and other manifestos for the party since 2005
• Government experience at the highest and most serious levels – as Special Adviser on the
Northern Ireland Peace Process, one of the most important initiatives in decades
• Media – high proHile interviews with Jeremy Paxman (Newsnight), John Humphrys (Today), BBC
News, Politics Show, Radio 5 Live, Sky News, On The Record, National Press, and local TV/radio
continued over
teamdcb_letter 27/9/10 15:51 Page 1
• Campaigning – a record of continuous campaigning - 4 General Elections (50% increase in South
Suffolk 2010 to 7%: 2,454 votes in 2001), By-elections (I was responsible for the messaging and
strategy for UKIP’s most successful by-election – 11.8% in Norwich North ), European Elections
(won in 2010), local elections, the AV+ campaign now. High proHile Public Relations and
communications campaigns for top companies
• Political ofHices – Councillor, TunbridgeWells. Bow Group Chairman (100 MPs, 7 in Cabinet)
I will be progressively announcing the details ofmy teamshortly onmy website, but here is the
teamstructure I am working to and the roles I envisage. I believe in using the full talent base of
the party and will not just use those who support me as assentors:
• Party Leader and Head of Policy: I intend to oversee a ‘Shadow Cabinet’ of 16 policy and media
Spokesmen, who should have proper media and research backup. They will cover Foreign
Affairs & International Trade, Tax/Budgetary Affairs, Jobs, Enterprise & the Economy, Immigration,
Law & Order, Education, Healthcare, Defence, Energy & the Environment, Pensions.Welfare into
Workfare, Constitution/HowWe’re Governed, Restoring Britishness, Housing & Planning, Food,
Farming & the Countryside, and Fishing.
• Party Chairman – with a history of service to the Party and great and proven knowledge of
• Deputy Leader – a professional who is a loyal, hard working and efHicient deputy
• I will create a number of Deputy Chairmen where a title is needed to match the task
• A new Head of Fundraising – someone who has an appropriate fundraising record for issues-based
organisations such as charities, universities and think tanks, who is paid through commission to
save the party overheads. They would complement Lord Pearson’s work
• A new Director of a Patrons Club – to help raise party funds through events for Patrons
• A new Hedge Funds and Funding Adviser – an expert on Hedge Fund contacts and funders
• A new Head of City Issues – a former City professional with extensive contacts in London markets
• A new Head of Membership Marketing – someone with a proven record of building membership
numbers in leading membership organisations (eg AA, National Trust)
• A new liaison ofHicer of Expatriate Communities – to build membership and links with ex pats
• A new Head of Research – a bright research professional with extensive experience of politics and
think tanks
• A new Head of Training – to develop training packages for members
• A new Head of Social Policy – to concentrate on a wide spread of social issues of appeal to the
working man and woman
• Party Secretary: willing to undertake legal work on an modest honorarium basis
• I fully support existing roles such as Party Director, General Secretary and Treasurer.
I therefore ask you to back a New UKIP – more professional, more focused,more successful –
and not to go back to an old UKIP, which has served us well but which will not take us higher. I will
always put my country Hirst, and we need to raise our game to save this country. I ask for your support
as Leader.
Best wishes,
PSWe have to professionalise our party to get out the EU. Please see my campaign website:
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