Tuesday, 12 October 2010

David BANNERMAN's Proposer and Assentors UKIP Leadership Election 2010 - WHO?

Patrick MooreImage via WikipediaDavid BANNERMAN's Proposer and Assentors UKIP Leadership Election 2010 - WHO?

Sir Patrick MOORE

Donald Martin

Prof. Stephen Bush

and WHO?

Well for heavens sake of the rest the only ones one has ever heard of seem best known as liars and cheats like Hugh Williams and Douglas Denny surely the kiss of death to any REAL campaign but I overlook the aim of this pro EU EFD member is not to win but to split the vote to ensure Farage gets his coronation.

The same sordid stunt David Bannerman pulled last time!

David Bannerman is so despised by his colleagues that he couldn't even get the backing of a single MEP - they know what a hopeless inadequate he is.

He couldn't even get his criminal collaborator Stuart Agnew to endorse him even though they were engaged in fraud together as shown by The Sunday Times and currently under investigation by the authorities.

David Campbell Bannerman
Sir Patrick Moore.

Cllr Peter Reeve
Cllr Henry Reilly
Cllr Mick Harold
Douglas Denny
Hugh Williams
Mark Wadsworth
Harry Aldridge
Shirley Jacobs
Nathan Gill
David Coburn
James Moyies
James Carver
Terry Durrance
Michael McManus
Sue Ransome
Peter Neilson
John Cornforth
Jason Smith
Donald Martin
Leon Stedman
Prof Stephen Bush
Gaston Dezart
Rev John Ewington
Bill Budge
Mary Budge
Andrea Hamilton
David Hamilton
Carol Lovatt
Maria Foy
Tim Aker
Stephen Scott Fawcett
Dr John Howlitt
Philip Anderson
Christine Anderson
Colin Curtis
Jonathan Frost
Jennifer Powell
Glen Bishop
Josephine Bishop
Barry Grundon
John Pitts
Sue Stow
Christine Wardrop
Linda Redford
Stuart Letten
Ray Crowson
John Culverwell
Bill Fenoughty
Iain Richmond
Iris Pitts
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