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UKIP: Pity Poor David Bannerman - 26-Sep-2011

UKIP: Pity Poor David Bannerman - 26-Sep-2011

UKIP: Pity Poor David Bannerman

It's interesting to note that Bannerman gave UKIP £1500 in the two months before joining the Tories.

Given that he borrowed £30,000 from friends and UKIP members in the Eastern Region and spent some of it on a sports car, where did he get the £1500 from?

And don't forget that Bannerman is still under investigation by OLAF. See: LINK
Interesting article from The Mail blog. It seems that Bannerman is in for a rough ride. What a shame!

Does David Campbell Bannerman know what he's getting himself into? This MEP is best known as the UKIP politician who defected to the Tories. Tonight, he is speaking to the Freedom Association's youth wing, and if the messages being posted about him on Facebook are anything to go by, he's in for a tough time.

"Turncoat! Judas!" exclaimed one member. Another wrote: "Hell would have to freeze over to miss this once in a lifetime event. What a booking!"
The reason people hate Mr Bannerman is not that he defected, but the way he did it. He didn't quit after a bust-up or after gradually drifting away from the party - it was entirely without warning.

In fact, in the month that he joined the Conservatives, he was published in the Campaign for an Independent Britain's magazine, saying:

"The ridiculous choices of the Coalition Government, to spend more on EU membership (now £48 million a day) and foreign aid (£23 million a day) when we are making dangerous cuts to our own military services speaks volumes. They cut at home to squander money abroad. And we call these politicians our public servants!"
Yet on the day of his defection, he claimed that he was "impressed" by David Cameron's leadership. He said: "
I have been pleased with the robust stance taken by David Cameron and Conservative MEPs over the EU Budget negotiations and I believe that it is Conservative MEPs who are working hard to defend Britain's interests."

Needless to say, UKIP members feel let down after investing time and considerable sums of money to help get him elected.

But Mr Bannerman has probably made the right choice politically. Several months before he defected, I was told by a senior UKIP source that the members were unlikely to reselect him for the next European elections. His future now seems pretty secure. At the last European elections, the Tories automatically put incumbent MEPs at the top the top of party lists. If the same system is repeated for the 2014 elections, he is effectively guaranteed reelection.

Anyway, back to tonight. Around half the audience are likely to be Tory supporters - and a Tory MP is listed on Facebook as attending. So although there will be critics, I wonder if Mr Bannerman will also have some defenders. Whatever happens, the Q&A is sure to be riveting.
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Greg_L-W. said...
Hi, to be fair for all their ranting UKIP & its incompetent leadership are on poor ground ranting on this issue. Those blessed with a brain in UKIP, and clearly there are few of them, will remember that I cautioned against David Bannerman before he joined UKIP when he was just AN Other drinking pall of Nigel Farage's. The day David Bannerman was announced as a member and appointed as Chairman of UKIP I wrote in some detail that his CV was fancifull to say the least. I pointed out that he was not in any material way related to the Liberal PM Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman whose great claim to fame was he was the first PM to die in number 10 drowning Street. I also pointed out that he was untrustworthy and a complete charlatan stating that not only had he deliberately misled with his CV but was merely using UKIP as a ticket to ride. Some may remember just before he joined his parents on a cruise said they only hoped their sad lad would one day get a proper job. Then there was the now infamous letter in which he tried to claim his dishonest claim to be the nephew of Sir Henry and it must be true because his dad owned a desk from Drowning Street. Again and again I pointed out that this odious little man was as trustworthy as a snake (perhaps as trustworthy as a Tory would have been more accurate). I warned that David Bannerman would desert UKIP when it suited him and he would betray those who had cheated and lied to get him elected, when it suited him. I note from Tory sources that in betraying UKIP, as was warned just as with Stephen Neville (Annabelle Fuller & Mark Croucher's chum) they betray the party when they have done their damage - just look at Mark Croucher and Annabelle Fuller and the damage they have done to UKIP! We note David Bannerman could not even carry out his act of betrayal honourably and has scuttled off back to the Tories, but I gather without telling them he was under investigation for fraud and after his lies stood no real chance of reselection even by the dishonest and corrupt UKIP leadership! Regards, Greg_L-W.

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